How does it work?

When you sign up to our program the first thing we do is start calling businesses in your delivery area and get their permission to fax or email them your daily lunch specials. Every business day, your lunch specials will be sent out to them. They will either be faxed or emailed to in the morning. Your customers have 3 different ways to place an order. They can fax the order form filled out back to your store, they can place a phone call and order by the special number, or they can place an order online through a special landing page that you will get for their convenience.

Once the list is built we work with you to create a special lunch menu that we will then send out daily. If you already have one even better. We can use that one and also add more offerings to it from our extensive database. Employees are always forgetting their lunches at home due to their fast paced lifestyles and not always have time to prepare their lunches. They resort to ordering from the food places nearby their place of work. Not to mention whenever a company is holding a big meeting or any type of corporate event they will be ordering from you since you’re always in their radar by email or fax. Their employees will remember you and the chances of them of placing an order from you instead of the competition will be a lot higher.

Three ways to place an order

Order By Fax

Order By Phone

Order Online

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